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新加坡自1819年开埠后,约在1842年左右,有大量海南乡 亲移居南洋群岛,尤是居住新加坡人数最多,我族先贤当时也有 不少人,斩荆披棘来星谋生,只身南来不但找寻工作不易,居住 地方也成问题,吾族先人有鉴及此,有十余位远见的先辈,遂在 1899年群起发动创立“星洲韩氏祠”,使族众有固定住宿的地 方,然后互相合作,互相介绍工作,藉以谋生。在人缘、地缘、 血缘三方面的构成下,而在1900年先在红桥头淡申二条半石租赁一间亚答屋为祠址,租金十余元,定名为“星洲韩氏祠”。当时 参加人数仅数十位。这间亚答屋便是“星洲韩氏祠”的萌芽。


直到1907年,来星谋生的兄弟年年增加,感于祠宇既旧陋 又狭小,同年另迁搬到比较阔大的淡申律四条石,这个地方由于 当时有六间排屋,因此人们把它叫做“六间”。到1916年又搬 去明古连街与密驼律交界处,这个地方俗称“芒果露”。地方虽较大,但都是租赁的。到此韩氏祠已经三度迁移,祠宇都是租来的。族中先贤均感到星洲韩氏祠,要发扬光大,非有自己的祠址不可,遂在祠员群策群力,团结一致,慷慨募捐之下终于在1925 年,在小坡荷罗卫巷廿一号,购买一间二层楼排屋,为自己的祠宇。祠堂正中供奉,宋魏国忠献王琦公,宋驸马太师秦国嘉彦公,及宋文林郎会稽县尉渡琼始祖显卿公。




本祠屹立在荷罗卫巷整整半个世纪,共五十年(由1925至 1975年)。


在政府城市发展重建计划下,荷罗卫巷的韩氏祠祠宇被征 用,在“姓韩人不能没有韩氏祠”的理念之下,我们终于购得一间独立式洋楼,占地七千零三十九方尺,在红桥头区达比莎路二 号,终于把星洲韩氏祠重新迁建起来(即现在的祠址)。正式新祠 重迁开幕日期为1976年二月十五日星期日,本祠到今从一间租来的亚答屋,而至拥有自己的现代化独立式洋楼。


 韩氏祠虽有独立式洋楼作为会所,但由于活动经费有限,不 能展开多样活动,理事会仝人认为乘着产业热潮时售卖会所,谋取活动资金作为长期发展经费,并通过召开特别祠员大会征求祠 员意见,结果出席特大祠员一致赞成通过。理事会公开招标并于 今年(3月)完成售卖手续,同时5月份购买23号德申宋路作为本祠 会所,余款将购买永久房地产出租,每月可为本祠带来可观的租 金收入,作为活动资金,为本祠以后的发展作出贡献。


本祠今后除了为会员谋取福利外,也将致力于吸收年轻的韩 氏新生代加入这个和谐的大家庭,以成为薪火相传朝气蓬勃的宗祠。


A Brief History of Singapore Han Clan Association


Since the founding of Singapore in 1819, a steady stream of immigrants from the island of Hainan flocked to the South East Asia in increasing numbers. Around 1842, there were already more Hainanese immigrating to Singapore than anywhere else and the majority of these immigrants were from the Clan of Han.


For our ancestors who had to endure hardship and discomfort of being in a strange country, they could not find a good place to stay in nor get a decent job to live by. So, in 1899, a few leaders amongst them met up, made some sound judgement, and mitigated a consensus for the first “Singapore Han Clan Association”. The charter that they set out was for the protection of the Clan of Han, to enable everyone in the Clan to find easier accommodation through the Association and to survive better through mitigated cooperation amongst all.


In 1900, the Association got a permanent premise at Thomson Lane through the hard work of the management. The membership grew with each passing year until in 1907 the building could no longer hold more people. The Association moved first to a row of shophouses along the same Thomson Lane, and then in 1916 moved again to the junction of Bencoolen Street and Middle Road.


With all these moves, the management was concerned for the welfare of the Clan, especially its future in such unsettling times and impermanent status. They felt the Clan would be stifled by the unnecessary payment of rented properties and frequent shuttling between places. So they got together again and started a donation drive till in 1925, they raised enough fund to purchase a private property at 21 Halloway Lane and built a 2-storey complex for the Clan’s operation. In that building, at the centre of the Hallway there were erected statues of Wang Chi Gong, etc for the veneration of our ancestors’ lineage and tradition.


All in all, the Association stayed in Halloway Lane for nearly half a century (1925 – 1975). Under Singapore’s Urban Renewal Scheme, the Association’s premise of operation was once again relocated to 2 Derbyshire Road, with a gross floor area of 7379 m². Hence to commemorate this significant turn of event, the anniversary of the Clan Association was put at 15 February 1976, on a Sunday.


All this while, the Association had a base of operation but lacked the necessary funds to run plausible activities for the Clan. The focus by the management then was to invest in properties and could not run a variety of programmes. It was also an unanimous decision by all members to use the funds to further invest in properties. So in 2008, the management completed the transaction for 23 Tessensohn Road as the latest premise for the Association with the balance used for purchase of other freehold estates. In this way, returns from the investment can be used for activity funds and help the Association to continuously grow.


Besides giving back to the members, the Association hopes to attract more young and capable Han newbies to the Clan to help build up the ‘family’. In this way, it is hoped that the Singapore Han Clan Association can shine forth like the light of a beacon to show the way forward to future generations.


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