Senior Members Get-Together + Half Day Local Tour

In recognition of the long-time contributions of our senior members to Singapore Han Clan Association, we are organising a special get-together with optional half-day local tour for members, aged 70 above, on 25-Nov-2023 (Saturday) from 10 am.

The programme is as follows:

10.00 am    Sharing of early experiences with the Clan.

Many senior members arrived alone from Hainan and looked to the Clan for support in a foreign land. Initial needs of new members would have included a temporary place of residence, employment, companionship and to obtain latest updates on the situation back home in Hainan.

We look forward to our senior members sharing their experiences as new arrivals in Singapore, the difficulties they had faced and how they eventually overcome hardship and loneliness.

Their narratives will serve to inspire the younger generations and will be archived for posterity which should be useful especially for those younger generations who would want to trace their family trees.

12.00 pm    Lunch at Singapore Han Clan Association. We will enjoy local favourites, including Hainanese dishes, for lunch.

1.30 pm      Optional half-day local tour.

Senior members are welcome to join the tour or stay at the Clan for further sharing.

3.00 pm      Tea break either at the Clan or outside.

5.30 pm      Dinner at Singapore Han Clan Association.

Senior members who have participated in the half-day tour will return to the Clan for a bento dinner with the rest.

The above itinerary may be subject to changes.

We encourage all our senior members to participate in this special get-together, where a highlight is the sharing of early experiences with the Clan. You are welcome to bring photographs and information for the sharing.  Members can be accompanied by a family member.

Our long-term goal is to document these meaningful stories which will serve to educate and inspire many generations to come.

Due to seats limitation, priority will be given to the elderly who are 75 years & above or senior members on a “first come first serve” basis.

Eligible members who wish to join, please register before 12-Nov-2023 by one of the following:

  1. E-mail the registration form to
  2. WhatsApp it to +6592955469
  3. Call 62949503 Han Clan office to register.

This activity is generously sponsored by Madam Ng Choi Hong, the wife of our Honourable President Mr. Han Keen Juan.